Preview: Video Tutorial Lesson 1 – “Your brain explained” (25 mins)

Step Progress:


1. The three parts of the brain:

2. Signs of when you are in the fight or flight (stress) state:

  • Feeling rushed or wanting to get this ride over with / get to the finish line as soon as possible
  • Overthinking, worrying or getting a blackout
  • Tunnel vision – you don’t see the distance the same way anymore
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Tense neck, shoulders, arms and/or hands – you start to pull more
  • Heart rate has gone up and you can feel your heart racing
  • Butterflies or sick feeling in your stomach
  • Legs are tense or feel weak like jelly
  • Your connection with your horse has changed or is gone
  • Your ride has suddenly changed
  • You don’t see the distances to the jump anymore
  • You feel nervous, angry or agitated