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Welcome to the Master Your Mind Online Mental Training Program.

Before you get started, I want to share with you some useful information which will help you get the very most out of the program and help set you up in the best possible way for the life-changing, self-development journey you are about to embark upon.

Before you begin, make sure to join the Master Your Mind Facebook Group. This is a closed group (by invitation only) for my private coaching clients, participants of the Master Your Mind online mental training program and those who have attended one of my intensive group training sessions. It is a group of like-minded equestrians and athletes who are all on the same self-development journey as you are. I hope it will provide you with a platform to share with others the insights you will gain through the program and beyond, any challenges you might be facing and for which you are looking for support, and to ask questions. Whatever you need, the chances are someone here will have the answers you are looking for (or I of course can help out too!) To join the Group, click the Join link in the welcome email you received (or will receive) when you join(ed) the program. Any issues, just email

This program is broken down into 7 lessons covering a range of vital topics, such as how you can use pressure to your advantage, how you can build your confidence and how to create routines for at the show. Each lesson begins with a video tutorial where I will personally explain the fundamental concepts you need to know to master your mental skills.


  • I recommend watching the video tutorial for each lesson in full, before moving on to the lesson exercises.
  • I recommend taking the lessons in order and resist the temptation to skip ahead, unless I specifically suggest in one of the lessons than you can attempt a subsequent lesson sooner.

Each tutorial is followed by guided audio and practical exercises, tools, assessments, and checklists, which will help you create new habits, build your mental strength and create long-lasting, positive change. It is vital that you work through the exercises and, where advised, that you practice them daily. Just like physical training at the gym, consistent riding, results and mental power will only come if you train consistently. The more you put into it = the more you get out! It’s as simple as that.

For those of you who are super committed to your self-development journey, at the end of each lesson, I have included links to Ted Talks, further learning materials and book suggestions. If there is one book I strongly recommend you read in connection with the program, it is “Mindset”, by Carol Dweck. The concept is simple but incredibly powerful, and not for your riding, but for all aspects of life:

I’ve structured the program so you can make progress by spending as little as 10-20 minutes at a time if you are super busy, or as long as you like if you just can’t wait to learn more. Each lesson has about 1 hour of video and exercise practice material, so you can spread each lesson over a week (which will take you 7 weeks to complete the program) or you can take a lesson a day and be done in a week. Whichever way you go, you are in complete control of your self-development journey!

Remember: When you finish each Step, Assessment and Lesson, don’t forget to click on the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom so you can track your progress as you work through the program.

Finally, as an incentive for you to keep working through the program (and as a treat for making such great progress), at the end of Lesson 4, I have included a special BONUS for you. I am very excited to share with you the full, live audio recording of my one-on-one interview with McLain Ward, where he opens up about his journey in the sport, his successes (and failures/challenges!), and his own life-changing, mental strengthening journey, which has helped him win 30% more annually. But don’t be tempted to skip ahead! And first work through Lessons 1-4…

I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the ride!

Annette Paterakis

P.S. Please add to your email list of contacts so we can keep you posted of any updates to the program. If you encounter any technical difficulties as you go through the program, if you have any questions, suggestions or simply wish to get in touch, just email: