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What my clients are saying about
their mental training journey:

Annette Paterakis Bucci

Piergiorgio Bucci

“I always believed that having a great mind is very important in this sport and key to becoming a champion. Annette created a click in my brain to feel much more excited again about everything and more positive in general. I have become more competitive in the ring as a result.”


Jonna Ekberg

“As a rider in one of the world’s biggest stables, the pressure to perform is always there. I used to get quite nervous and it started to be an issue. I didn’t enjoy riding the same way anymore. Annette really helped me deal with the pressure, which helped me find my way back to enjoying the sport again.”

Alberto Michan (Mexico) Annette Paterakis

Alberto Michan

“We all want to get better in our sport. I’m absolutely sure that confidence and believing in yourself makes the biggest difference. Annette has given me great advice, tools and exercises to get the best out of me. She is a super prepared person that understands our sport and can help you be better!”

Mariel 1

Mariel Victoria Aguirre

“Annette has helped me work on improving my mentality on and off the horse, and setting a path for my career. This has helped me stay centred and true to myself, which is often difficult to do in a competitive environment. My confidence and my belief in my plan have both grown immensely!”

What to expect:

Master Your Mind by Annette Paterakis is the definitive online mental training app for equestrian athletes. Join me on a life-changing journey which will see you let go of your mental blocks, take your mental game to the next level and unlock your full potential.

The program is broken down into 7 lessons covering a range of vital topics, such as how you can use pressure to your advantage and how you can build your confidence, and each lesson is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. I’ve structured it so you can make progress by spending as little as 10-20 minutes at a time if you are super busy, or as long as you like if you just can’t wait to learn more!

Upon joining the program you will get immediate access to my video tutorials, step-by-step exercises, and practical tools, which you will be able to access from your smartphone or computer, whenever you need, and wherever you are (note internet or Wi-Fi access is required). Each lesson begins with a video tutorial where I will personally explain the fundamental concepts you need to know to master your mental skills. Each tutorial is followed by guided audio exercises and tools, which will help you create new habits, build your mental strength, and create long-lasting, positive change.

BONUS – Interview with McLain Ward: Who better to learn from than one of the top showjumping riders? I am very excited to share with you the full, live audio recording of my one-on-one interview with McLain, where he opens up about his journey in the sport, his successes (and failures/challenges!), and his own life-changing, mental strengthening journey, which has helped him win 30% more annually.

What’s included:

✔ Easy-to follow video tutorials where I will walk you through everything you need to know to let go of your mental blocks and succeed in your goals.

✔ Step-by-step exercises that will help you become more confident, focused and mentally strong.

✔ Exercises, tools and checklists that you can use during competition to make sure you are prepared and performing at your peak.

✔ Access to an exclusive and private Facebook Group of like-minded equestrians, where you can share experiences, get support, and learn from those who are on a similar journey.

BONUS: For those of you who are super committed to your self-development journey, at the end of each lesson, I have included links to Ted Talks, further learning materials and book suggestions.

What’s inside:

1: Train your brain
Understand why your brain is programmed to focus on negative events and dangerous situations, and learn how to pull out of survival mode and get yourself back in control of your rational brain (hint: the answer is not “in your head”!)

2: Using pressure to your advantage
See that there is a relationship between pressure and peak performance, become aware of your ideal flow state, and realize that by building your mental strength, you can perform at your peak, every time, irrespective of external circumstances.

3: Setting up for long-term success
Gain transformational power by taking consistent action through daily habits, which will help you build and consolidate your mental strength, so you can rely on it when you need it the most – in the ring!

4: Building your confidence
Realize that confidence (or a lack thereof) is nothing more than a story we build in our heads over time. Learn which actions, thoughts and habits can make or break your confidence and how to build the most confident version of yourself.

5: Creating show routines
Take the uncertainty out of your show preparation by following my tried-and-tested show prep routines which will get you into your “flow” or “peak performance” state, every time.

6: Adopting a growth mindset
This is such a life changer! Realize that a fixed mindset can trap your development and learn to adopt a growth mindset, which will open up limitless possibilities for you as an athlete and as a person.

7: Breaking down mental barriers

A: Shedding limiting beliefs

B: Overcoming traumas

C: Conquering anxiety



Click on the link below to preview the app. You will be able to watch my welcome video and a sneak preview of the first video tutorial of Lesson 1. That’s over 30 minutes of video content, completely free of charge! You will also be able to browse the program content so you can see the topics I will cover in the program, and the tools and exercises which I will share with you, and walk you through, step by step.

See for yourself how my online program will help you take your mental game to the next level!

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