How I work

“Strive for progress, not perfection”

Are you the kind of rider who believes in order for you to succeed, you need to learn, grow, improve and invest in yourself first?
If so, mental coaching can help you not only improve your mental skills but also increase your results and enjoyment on the horse.

How I work

Step 1.

First of all, the right fit is paramount to creating success. Therefore I’m selective in who I take on as a client. I only work with people who are extremely committed to their progress, goals and success. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, are above the age of 18 years old and ride at 4* level or higher, do reach out. We start with an intro call, which is free of charge and takes up to 1.5 hour. During this call you can tell me more about you, your goals and what you’d like to work on and I will explain more about me and how I work. If we both agree working together is the best next step, we can start the process. Sessions are either in person (in the UK) or over Zoom.

Step 2.

It is my aim to create results that last long after we have worked together. This requires some initial time, energy and commitment to achieve this lasting change and to reach your goals and full potential. Creating new behaviour, habits and results, in other words transformation, takes time. Depending on what you would like to achieve we will determine how much time we will need together starting with a minimum of 6 months. In case we do go ahead, I trust you will be committed and you will work on your own progress in between sessions.

Step 3.

In return you can expect my full commitment, full access to me at all times and email support whenever needed. Each package – 4/6/10 – months or bespoke consist of weekly sessions with me, support whenever needed and the Master Your Mind online training programme.